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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Andrew Schoultz Interview

Jesse Pollock of FecalFace.com posted an interview with artist Andrew Schoultz.

"With his work covering walls on streets and alleyways around San Francisco, Andrew Schoultz has been painting murals for the past several years like it was going out of style. He painted so many in fact, that I was surprised to learn that some of my favorites were painted by him years ago. Andrew has also created art and painted murals all across the country and at times outside of the US. Sometimes working alone, sometimes collaborating with other heavy hitters of the mural and art world, his early work was written about in a SF Weekly piece by Sam Chennault that is well worth the read.

That is Andrew Schoultz part one. Part two involves the ever growing number of gallery shows that have included his work. His intricate lines and imagery have won him an audience all over the country, all of whom have written gushing reviews of his work. Hopefully you get the point... I'm more than pleased to bring Andrew Shoultz to Fecal Face for some questions about OCD, blood, and the 'mural art scene'." -Jesse Pollock

You can read more of the interview here.