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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Heading Out To 10KLF!

We're heading up to the 10,000 Lakes Festival in Minnesota. We have Vip Passes and will bring to some great coverage on the music and everything else that goes down. With great acts like Phil Lesh and Friends, Trey Anastasio, String Cheese Incident, Benevento/Russo Duo feat. Mike Gordon, The Keller Williams Incident (w/SCI), O.A.R. (...Of A Revolution), this festival is going to bring the funk to anyone's trunk! Stay tuned!


Thursday, July 13, 2006

Knitted Tanks

"...As a protest against the Danish (USA´s, UK´s) involvement in the war in Iraq the tank was covered from the canon to the caterpillar tracks with knitted and crocheted squares made with pink yarn The 15 x 15 cm squares in pink yarn/thread, were knitted by many people from many European countries and USA. The process of covering the tank was documented with a video and this video is shown in ”Nikolaj, Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center“ (Copenhagen, Denmark) as part of the exhibition “TIME” from April 27 - June 4 ..." more at http://www.marianneart.dk/

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

New Album: James Figurine - Mistake Mistake Mistake Mistake

Jimmy Tamborello is best know for his work with The Postal Service and Dntel. Today is the release of James Figurine's new album, Mistake Mistake Mistake Mistake, out on Plug Research. The album features contributions from Jenny Lewis, Geoff McFetridge, Morgan Nagler, Erlend Øye, John Tejada, and Sonya Westcott. Mistake Mistake Mistake Mistake is geared in more of a tech-pop direction than his other projects, which could give answer to the album's name. You can hear more of Jimmy's work on Dublab.com a great online radio feed, where he has a show.


James Figurine "Apologies"

Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Rising: Barriers Now Bridges

Barriers Now Bridges
Article by Ryan Bartolomei

Do you ever go searching for new music through myspace coming upon hundreds of shitty bands the worship the same fucking music gods? It's fucked up. I say do more than worship them and become one yourself. I go through so many bands on a daily basis looking for a band that I know I would enjoy listening to as well as other people. So I took a dive into the myspace files and picked out this band called Barriers Now Bridges.

This is one of those few small bands that stood out to me as being able to pop out of the small scene and end up plastering people right in the fucking face with their music. Strait out of Port Saint Lucie, Florida BNB brings Hardcore and Punk rock in a fused together punch to the jaw. Strait up shit that makes you want to get up and just throw a fist. Their sound is unique and yet I know so many of you would say is cleeshay. Well fuck that, its strait up hardcore punk. It sort of reminds me of Stretch Arm Strong in a way but the older stretch has more of hit and run type of attitude. At least on me. BNB brings out a good energetic side that I'm sure more people would enjoy if people went searching through bands as much as I do. There not like that hardcore shit like Bury Your Dead but they still know how to play a good song and I can only imagine a good show.

This 5 piece hardcore punk band is sure to be heading somewhere in the right direction. All I can say it watch these guys because they'll hopefully be heading out to your area to bring their music and a guaranteed good fucking time.

Out on Goodbye Blue Skies Records

Carton - By Charlie Mars

Carton - By Charlie Mars

Carton on Vimeo

"Subversive street art at the World Cup!"

"Police arrest cement soccer ball pranksters"
BERLIN (Reuters) - Police in Berlin said on Wednesday they had arrested two men on suspicion of placing cement-filled soccer balls around the city and inviting people to kick them. At least two people injured themselves by kicking the balls, which were chained to lampposts and trees alongside the spray-painted message: "Can you kick it?"

Police said they had identified a 26-year-old and a 29-year-old and had found a workshop in their apartment where they made the balls. The two are accused of causing serious physical injury, dangerous obstruction of traffic and causing injury through negligence, police said.

Berlin hosts the World Cup final Today.

How Art Made the World

"HOW ART MADE THE WORLD, a lively and provocative investigation into the far-reaching influence of art on society, airs on PBS over five consecutive Mondays, June 26-July 24, 2006."