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Friday, October 27, 2006

"From the chocolatier behind the beloved Cocoa Nibs, Michel Cluizel fills his signature milk chocolate Halloween Lollipops ($3 each) with creamy almond and hazelnut praline (above center).

Marzipan artist Rebecca Russell, makes Skull Boy and Nosferatu figures (above right) that are both creepy and cute.

If you're still craving chocolate on 1 November, Vosges has created Day of the Dead Skulls (above left) in Venezuelan white chocolate, dark chocolate with ancho and chipotle chillies and Ceylon cinnamon, deep milk chocolate with hickory smoked almonds and grey sea salt. All have edible black glitter eyes and are available from Vosges for $8 each." ::VIA

Halloween 2006::Thomas Keeley

"Thomas Keeley, a 25 year-old Rhode Island School of Design grad based in New York City, creates three dimensional pieces with creepy Halloween-esque themes. Equipped with wings and fangs, the "Bat Chair" is a slightly sinister yet entirely functional take on a classic café-style chair. A hair brush with dozens of bloody fingertips in place of bristles serves as a very literal interpretation of "running fingers through your hair." Keeley is currently working on illustrations and typography as well as venturing further into chair modifications." ::VIA

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Moral Fervor – Raising Awareness Through Clothing

"Moral Fervor is a young brand that develops t-shirts from hand-drawn designs. Each of their collections are made to raise awareness to environmental and social issues facing our world today. All of the materials that Moral Fervor uses are on the cutting edge of sustainability. When Ingeo, a fabric made from corn, was first introduced to the market Moral Fervor was among the first fashion companies to embrace it. Ingeo is the world's first man-made fiber collection from 100% annually renewable resources and More and more young designers are using it (we've mentioned that we've seen it before and it also appeared in our "Unexpected Green" competition). The company also uses biodegradable packaging and all-natural inks. Check out Moral Fervor’s current collection called Genetic Modification." ::VIA
::Moral Fervor Site

Deflower Vase:::Alexander Reh

"Like Brooklyn designer Alexander Reh's Fully Loaded chair made from shotgun shells, his new Deflower Vase is a clever and slightly subversive use of everyday objects. Where the chair adds an element of violence to a piece of furniture, the vase introduces a little something different, reinventing the condom by using it to sheath a common juice glass in color—Reh also calls it a "Banality preventer." Inspired by Trench Art, "a practice by which soldiers would take artifacts of war and transform them into objects of greater constructive value, the Deflower Vases are part of Reh's new series celebrating the accessibility of DIY called, "Time to D-I-Y."" ::VIA

MTV and Wal-Mart Present "Everyday Green"

"MTV and Wal-Mart recently announced "Everyday Green" — a unique joint initiative designed to demonstrate how people can incorporate green techniques into their lives. Yahoo Finance reports: "MTV's New York City store, located in the heart of Times Square on the corner of Broadway and 44th Street, has been transformed into an eco-friendly exhibit using environmentally-conscious products." The exhibit will run from October 23 through November 10 and is free to consumers. "Everyday Green" was conceptualized and designed by Pompei A.D., a New York based architecture, design and experience branding firm. The store will also feature organic t-shirts, recycled paper products, re-useable water bottles and coffee mugs, Toshiba RoHS laptops, Phillips LCD TVs and more. In addition to this exhibit, MTV has also arranged to offset 100% of the store's 2006 (or annual) carbon footprint with renewable energy credits through NativeEnergy." More at TH :: VIA

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Walking the Cabbage performance

"For his Walking the Cabbage performance, Han Bing walked his cabbage on a leash all across China, challenging dominant conceptions of normal, everyday practice, sparking contentious debates in the arts world, in society, and across the Internet, about the meaning of a young man walking a cabbage on a leash, and what this act says about the state of contemporary society.

Han Bing is showing his work together with Orimoto Tatsumi until November 19 at the Jing art gallery in Shanghai, China."



"Art-O-Meteris a device that measures the quality of an art piece. It bases its evaluation on the amount of time that people spend in front of an artwork compared to the total time of exhibition. The measurements are graphically represented by comments and a 5 star rating system. Without the interaction of a viewer, the Art-O-Meter will register time like a regular clock. However, when a user enters the area covered by its motion sensor, a second timer is triggered and it will count time as the viewer observes the artwork."
A work by Marcelo Coelho.
Video of the device.


Monday, October 23, 2006

Fashion zombie:: Hand Bags modeled after Horror movies

"DaleHrabi of Radar Online just posted this
lineup of purses only a (fashion zombie) mother could love and the
classic horror movie monsters that inspired them. I have a brown fur
handbag that looks likeChewbacca . At least it doesn't look like a
"charmless alien man-hunter." ::VIA


Saddam Mania::: a new photographic exhibit

"This Wednesday evening, Saddam Mania, a new photographic exhibit by Teun Voeten will open at Think Tank 3: at 447 Hudson Street, NYC. The show consists of Images of images of Saddam Hussein taken on the streets of Baghdad by Teun in April 2003." ::VIA

Flip Books by Ben Zurawski

Earlier this week one of our friends on myspace posted an interesting video on our comments of a flip book by Ben Zurawski. You can see it here:

Heather Paints Some Sense into the World.
"Heather, an artist in Oregon asked that I make her a flipbook. She wanted to be the hero that saved the world from some of her least favorite things...Big SUV's, pet abuse, people who worship celebs, bigotry, the government and reality television. There is ALOT going on in this flipbook."
- Ben Zurawski

After we saw his great work we found out that he has other great books recorded on youtube. Here is one of our favorties:

One Big Flipbook (Flippin' Out)

"I like to make flipbooks and this animation is about 30 of them all put together. Its played to the music of Johnathan Richman and my sound effects." - Ben Zurawski

CD case green house

"This Swiss design firm challenged designers to repurpose everyday objects in imaginative ways." "There are some really great results there, from a greenhouse built out of transparent CD jewel cases to fake fingernails made out of postage stamps." ::Via

Transform 2D images into 3D

Researchers of Carnegie Mellon University has managed to teach a computer to recognize and transform 2D images into 3D.