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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Moral Fervor – Raising Awareness Through Clothing

"Moral Fervor is a young brand that develops t-shirts from hand-drawn designs. Each of their collections are made to raise awareness to environmental and social issues facing our world today. All of the materials that Moral Fervor uses are on the cutting edge of sustainability. When Ingeo, a fabric made from corn, was first introduced to the market Moral Fervor was among the first fashion companies to embrace it. Ingeo is the world's first man-made fiber collection from 100% annually renewable resources and More and more young designers are using it (we've mentioned that we've seen it before and it also appeared in our "Unexpected Green" competition). The company also uses biodegradable packaging and all-natural inks. Check out Moral Fervor’s current collection called Genetic Modification." ::VIA
::Moral Fervor Site