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Monday, October 23, 2006

Flip Books by Ben Zurawski

Earlier this week one of our friends on myspace posted an interesting video on our comments of a flip book by Ben Zurawski. You can see it here:

Heather Paints Some Sense into the World.
"Heather, an artist in Oregon asked that I make her a flipbook. She wanted to be the hero that saved the world from some of her least favorite things...Big SUV's, pet abuse, people who worship celebs, bigotry, the government and reality television. There is ALOT going on in this flipbook."
- Ben Zurawski

After we saw his great work we found out that he has other great books recorded on youtube. Here is one of our favorties:

One Big Flipbook (Flippin' Out)

"I like to make flipbooks and this animation is about 30 of them all put together. Its played to the music of Johnathan Richman and my sound effects." - Ben Zurawski