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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Art at the Supermarket

"Here is a recycled bag for use at the supermarket that could become a collector’s item. Sainsbury’s has teamed up with three quite famous English artists to create reusable shopping bags that are almost stylish enough to wear to that art opening tonight. Commissioned by Arts Council England, Michael Craig-Martin, Anya Gallaccio and Paul Morrison have designed these colourful and sturdy bags that will brighten up shopping and get people to think about art and the environment. They want shoppers to make the link between the desire to reuse something because it is attractive, and the act of recycling. Michael Craig-Martin’s is pictured—a combination of pop art and retro style. Anya Gallaccio’s has vibrant photos of vegetables in a string bag and Paul Morrison’s is black and white, suggesting a woodland scene. The bags cost 50 pence ($1) and the proceeds go to charity. Flying off the shelves..." ::VIA