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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Cocoa Vino

figs-tincrop54.jpg figcaramels.jpg

"Made with regional, sustainable and organic ingredients using ecologically sound wind power and packaged in recycled materials, Cocoa Vino's "eco-forward" business practices are as sound as their products are exquisitely decadent. The Fig Caramels are a blend of organic fig and buttery caramel with a dark chocolate shell. One box contains 12 caramels in three flavors: Madeira Wine, organic Orange with Anesone liqueur and farm-fresh apple with Calvados for $35. The extremely rich Drunken Figs are filled with vintage port and covered organic dark chocolate. Packaged in a reuseable tin, the drunken figs are $22 for four or $50 for ten."