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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

WoodWood, Berlin

WoodWood_Interior2.jpg WoodWood_Interior.jpg

"Despite the recent influx of mega-stores, Berlin's indie shopping scene is still flourishing and continuing to attract an innovative international crowd of artists, designers, and other visionaries hoping to preserve Berlin's progressive rep. The newest addition to the city's prosperous center is none other than WoodWood, a Copenhagen export with an eponymous sportswear line, a selection of electric T-shirts and sneakers and a sampling of international designers who fit the store's as well the city's hip factor. WoodWood selects the most colorful and at times outrageous pieces for men and women by Nike, Commes des Garçons, Cheap Monday, Maharishi, Camilla Staerk, and Yazbukey—the kind of stuff that gives a playful context to the quirky collection of toys and elaborate mobiles that punctuate the space."

Rochstrasse 4
10178 Berlin
tel. +(49) 30 280 99 039