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Friday, December 08, 2006

Detroit's Object Orange Project::Wooster Collective On NPR


"Earlier this week, I participated in a radio segment about Detroit's Object Orange project by giving a short interview to NPR (America's National Public Radio). The segment ran yesterday on the show Day to Day and you can listen to it here

As you will hear (and are likely to expect), we're huge fans of the Object Orange project and expect to see artists and activists doing similar interventions in other cities around the world.

GOOD Magazine recently did a short documentary on Object Orange as well. You can watch it below..." - Marc (Wooster Collective)

"In our first issue we profiled a group of artists in Detroit who started painting dilapidated buildings "Tiggerific Orange" to bring attention to urban decay. We love these guys! Read more at www.goodmagazine.com. Video directed by Bristol Baughan, Shot by Jeff Becker and music by Tom Van Buskirk and Ian Walsh courtesy of PigFactory USA." - GOOD Magazine